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August 10, 2018

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Welp, the announced OP-Z launch date (https://www.opzed.com/news/opz-launch-delayed.html) for the US came and went without an OP-Z to be found… except at an exclusive pop-up preview in New York City. Unfortunately there were NDAs and no new information emerged, but we got a few fun pics (https://www.opzed.com/news/nyc-sneak-preview-wrapup.html) of the Teenage Engineering crew.

There is likely a box that is still sitting around somewhere in US customs filled with OP-Z pre-production units that never made it to MoMA, but for now all we can do is wait and dream… and speculate.

At least we got some more glimpses into what the OP-Z sequencer and synthesizers can do from a new OP-Z video from Cuckoo! There’s some nice sounds in there so it’s worth a watch/listen to this OP-Z only session at Superbooth.

Ta ta for now, Alex from OP-Zed

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