OP-Z Launch Delayed

July 28, 2018

Update 7/28/2018: Tobias confirmed on the operator-1 forum that the intended OP-Z launch date of July 31st, 2018 isn’t happening. There’s been an incident at the factory that is producing the OP-Z and they are behind schedule.

Word on the street from @alvingreen on operator-1.com mentioned they went to MoMA in New York City and, when asked about the OP-Z, said that it was delayed and won’t make the July 31st OP-Z launch date that was previously mentioned.

Was just at the moma in soho they said the only details they had is that it’s delayed and not happening Monday.

This is somewhat unsurprising for Teenage Engineering as different timelines have come and gone related to the OP-Z. Fans are happy to wait to make sure that it works well and meets what we’ve all come to expect from TE. We hope the OP-Z launch date delay in the US is a matter of weeks rather than years!

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