[Updated] Pop-up in NYC Pre-production OP-Z

July 29, 2018

Update 8/1/2018: There was a small preview party where people who DM’d @teenageengineering on Instagram could attend. TE still seems to be keeping tight lipped about the final OP-Z specs and had all of the attendees sign NDAs.

Update 7/31/2018: On an instagram post from Symon @symonjc, Teenage Engineering replied that the pre-production units have not cleared customs yet so the event has been canceled.

If you are in or around New York City this week you might be able to snag a pre-production OP-Z unit from the Teenage Engineering crew. In a message from Tobias on operator-1.com where he confirmed the delay to the OP-Z launch, he also mentioned that they are still making the trip to NYC and plan to have about 100 pre-production units to sell. No word on the price for this limited run or how close it will match the retail units to follow.

In unfortunate news, the OP-Z launch date has been officially delayted due to production issues.

From Tobias @one: > … there had been a chemical leak at the factory next to ours, thus causing the area, including our OP-Z factory to shut down operation for a few weeks. a little while later i saw the official internal te email stating the same. due to our super tight production plan this meant we were not going to be able to supply moma with the quantities required, and our (rather grand) plans could not be realized and had to be cancelled.

He then goes on to talk about a limited set of pre-production OP-Z units they are hoping to bring on their trip:

… we’ve shipped a handful of pre-production units (hope they’ll clear customs) so if you’re in town please check our insta for updates on where we’ll be

It looks like we will need to wait a little bit longer, but if you do happen to get your hands on an OP-Z pre-production unit we would love to hear from you.

If you are in NYC, keep an eye on the @teenageengineering Instagram page and try and get your hands on one!

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