Teenage Engineering NYC Sneak Preview Wrap-Up

August 2, 2018

Update 8/10/2018: Looks like attendees had the opportunity to fill out a form to request buying a pre production unit that would ship at some point when the units stuck in customs arrived. Will we see them start to crop up soon?

On July 31st, Teenage Engineering held a private preview of the OP-Z to show off OP-Z features. It was reported that NDAs were required in order to participate so details are sparse at this point, but there were a few enthusiastic reactions coming out.

From @starcadian from the Operator-1 forum attended the preview event:

It’s all under NDA, but yeah this thing is super rad to say the least, size feels great, sounds are awesome, much fatter sounding than the OP1, lots of awesome little updates to the OP1 workflow. I’m not going to go into the stuff they showed but get hyped!

On Instagram, @op1andchill says:

I think the op-z will be a great compliment to the op-1, but is not intended to replace it by any means.

Fresh shots

There’s also a few pictures from the mysterious event. In true Teenage Engineering fashion they doned their… hazmat suits.

No new information yet as to when the OP-Z release date will be. At least give us some more pics and videos!

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