OP-Z Modules - What We Know So Far

October 20, 2018

Details about OP-Z modules that Teenage Engineering talking up are still scarce. People are now receiving their pre-orders, but there is no new information about modules. All we’ve known is that they go underneath the unit which you access by removing the underside (check out the OP-Z unboxing video from Boe Dye on YouTube.

To be clear, there have been some videos showing off OP-Z connectivity, but we’ve only just found a picture of a module in the wild from @anfim on the Elektronauts forum.

The OP-Z ZM-1 module has both midi, cv, and pocket operator interoperability. You can see it closer in this link here taking advantage of all 4 expansion ports in the back of the OP-Z.

OP-Z ZM-1 module

It’s pretty cool that you will soon be able to extend the OP-Z beyond what the factory included. What other modules do you think are in the works? A sampler? Combine this with firmware updates and software updates, the OP-Z is already showing off that Z dimension in an X, Y world.

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