Teenage Engineering OP-Z Official Guide, Unboxing, and More

October 19, 2018

Just as many people are starting to recieve their pre-order OP-Z, Teenage Engineering has released the full guide and manual on their website.

As the lucky few have gotten their OP-Z, we’re starting to see more pictures of the packaging and full unboxing videos. We’ve rounded up some of the best ones from around the internets so the rest of us can drool and cross our fingers we will get our’s soon!

Unboxing Pics

Detailed OP-Z unboxing pictures from @metawops on imgur:

Unboxing Videos

From Boe Dye, part 1:

From Boe Dye, part 2:

Listening notes:

  • John takes apart the back to reveal a replaceable battery
  • Module slot in the underside is revealed by removing the back
  • Talks a bit about the plastic color

From Somnambule:

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