OP-Z Video Roundup August

August 21, 2018

After months of no new video of the OP-Z from Teenage Engineering there is a slow trickle coming in from OP-Z beta testers. With the commmunity so hungry for more info about the unit and so many unanswered questions we’re surprised there hasn’t been more. Here’s the latest OP-Z videos we can find from the last month.

From Bruno Kamm’s channel we can see some short jams that show off different aspects of the OP-Z. In the following video there are peeks into the versatility of the sampler and to our ears it sounds like more than one track is using the sampler engine.

And a few we’ve already posted

From @cuckoomusic (see 00:34:00 for the OP-Z):

Bruno’s first OP-Z jam:

From Brandon Guarra:

We hope you enjoy the recent surfacing of OP-Z videos of late!

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