Updated OP-Z Launch Date

August 31, 2018

Update 9/17/2018: Teenage Engineering announced ship dates in ‘mid October’

From @instantjuggler on operator-1 and @zoperator on Instagram, looks like Teenage Engineering are gearing up for launch on September 17th, 2018! This exciting news comes from an event currently going on in Moscow where folks from Teenage Engineering shared some upcoming products, screens, and graphics.

This screengrab courtesy of @zoperator shows the launch party date. One would assume that this would beam the OP-Z launch happens the same day, but we can’t be so sure.

Unboxing video with Tobias and Cuckoo

There’s currently an Instagram story on @teenageengineering’s profile with @cuckoo and Tobias from TE doing an unboxing. Check it out soon since it will disappear soon.


In the unboxing we can see some templates to put over the OP-Z so you can get started without having to memorize everything all at once. Turning it on we can hear some preset patterns. The also talked about Seaba, a local DnB musician from Sweden that put in some patterns. Cuckoo also has a preset pattern!

From Tobias:

It turned on… and that’s good!

Cuckoo also mentioned he’s ready to start making some more tutorials and jams for everyone.

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