Updated OP-Z Firmware - Better Battery Life, Bug Fixes

November 13, 2018

Earlier today Teenage Engineering released their first update to the OP-Z firmware since the pre-order over a month ago. The version 1.1.12 release notes have some interesting notes including bug fixes and, surprisingly, an improvement that should improve the overall battery life of the OP-Z! We haven’t had a chance to test the claims, but an additional 5-10% is a welcomed improvement. Hopefully we will see more of these in the future.

Here’s the notes from the site

Features: - reduced cpu consumption, improves battery life by 5-10%

Fixed bugs:

  • occasional hang when removing a connected usb device
  • occasional craash when recieving midi identity request on startup
  • sequencer stalling when connecting a usb device
  • configurator sometimes causing pops in downloaded samples
  • imported sample packs to slot 10 lost after reboot
  • outgoing program change had inverted “alt_program_change” setting
  • app->synth connection lost when disabling midi out under midi settings
  • sequencer sometimes starting on last step when step by step recording

If you’ve encountered some of these annoying bugs (or maybe just suspected that it could be the case), the overall play experience should be much improved. We’ve had a lot of trouble with the OP-1 to OP-Z direct connection for midi that was pretty unusable. Here’s hoping that addresses the issue and we can jam peacefully on both devices!

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