Two New OP-Z Videos Posted

August 14, 2018

After about a week of near full stop of the OP-Z hype train, two new videos have been posted on YouTube by beta testers. Looks like we stumbled upon them early as they currently stand at 16 views and 66 views respectively. Hype train back on track!

The following video from Bruno Kramm shows off some crunchy sounds (maybe a distortion?), arpeggiator, and possibly automated key changes. The thing I like most is how musical the whole thing ends up sounding due to the variation and ability to quickly manipulate the performance on the fly.

The video from Brandon Guerra shows off Pocket Operator like punch-in FX and some other goodies. There’s some nice bell-like tones that are more atmospheric than things we’ve heard before on the device thus far. There’s also some automatic key changes and transposition going on here too.

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