Teenage Engineering Videolab Release

November 20, 2018

The Motion app in the OP-Z’s accompanying iOS app is powered by Unity3D. Today Teenage Engineering posted a marketing page about Videolab, a plugin and toolkit for Unity3D to make rich visuals controlled by the OP-Z.

You can check it out the new page on Teenage Engineering’s website here.

Since we last checked out Videolab on it’s GitHub page, there is an updated wiki and some new helper functions for bezier curves, noise, deformers, and a host of built in effects to apply to a game object or scene.

Few have delved into it so early, but there are some early prototypes happening including this break dancing power ranger:

The commit log shows that the Videolab libary is active and accepting pull requests so if you felt inclined to do so you can jump in!

Here’s one more from Polyoptics:

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