Red Means Recording Meets OP-Z

January 2, 2019

Jeremy from Red Means Recording has released his first OP-Z video on YouTube documenting his first week with the unit. Jeremy is well known for his amazing (and hilarious) videos utilizing the OP-1.

He starts off without the screen, but picks up an iPad to use with the OP-Z to help explore. I found this to be a helpful tactic for learning the OP-Z with the goal of going screenless. In no time, he’s up and running (despite saying he has no idea what he’s doing) making interesting patterns that are worthy of any Red Means Recording video.

Listening notes:

  • Uses the mixer view in the iOS app to bring parts in and out and fade-in. Haven’t seen anyone utilize it like an instrument before
  • On ‘Day 3’ he starts utilizing step components to introduce more life into tracks
  • Likens the OP-Z to an evolved version of the POs
  • ‘Day 4’ = techno
  • ‘Day 6’ Jeremy puts together a full song using pattern chaining and focuses on the performance aspects
  • ‘Day 7’ explores the motion track

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