New OP-Z Video Tutorial from op1andchill

September 26, 2018

A new in-depth OP-Z video tutorial is now on YouTube from @op1andchill. These are pretty long, but extensive going through everything from pattern settings to sound engines. Have a listen and drool!

Listening notes:

  • The metronome has multiple sounds, including lofi counting in multiple languages, which is way cooler than it sounds
  • Confirmed no sampling on the unit at this time, but you can load samples onto the unit i.e OP-1 samples
  • LEDs give feedback when adjusting samples i.e turning green when it’s back at the original setting, quantization blinks until it’s on the beat. This is really helpful for screen-less jamming.
  • Each instrument track has a highpass, lowpass filter, and resonance
  • No COW fx :(
  • Adjustable quantization and per step nudging (even after recording)
  • [unconfirmed] - they said stereo samples, but haven’t loaded their own sampels
  • You can use any sound on the first 4 tracks
  • Press and hold step to audition the sound
  • 3 note polyphony on synth tracks
  • 14 different punch in effects
  • 14 different step components
  • Export down to a single audio track
  • Stereo panning effect

Part 1:

Part 2:

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