OP-Z Tutorial Video Bruno Kramm

September 9, 2018

Bruno Kramm posted a new OP-Z tutorial, this time in english. It’s a wonderfully detailed video that is about 30 minutes long which is worth a watch through if you are interested in an updated tutorial since Cuckoo’s original OP-Z tutorial.

Notes and video below! - Can use OP-1 sample banks by transferring over usb-c - Sub-mix each of the tracks - 10 sample banks per sample track which can be any sample not just basedrums/hi-hat etc like the track icons suggest - Define mute groups, mute specific tracks at the touch of a button - Nudge steps incrementally - Velocity sensitivity is not key but by using the pitch bender button - Quantize after recording input - Adjust the length of a step after it has been entered in - Individual engine track parameters and fx can be p-locked - Punch-in FX has it’s own track - Step components for each step - Add fx sequencing to a track (which sounds completely mental!) - Bitcrusher effect - Tape effect are more like samples of the performance that are automatically sliced and can be sequenced - Tape track loops can be for specific tracks i.e just the chords track - Sub mixes for effects so you can punch in fx into specific tracks - Midi keyboard can be plugged into the OP-Z usb port directly - More engines, fx, modules, and third party packs coming! - Pocket operator integration with one of the yellow ports in the back - Still no release date :(

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