Teenage Engineering OP-Z Launch Date and Price

May 3, 2018

Update 9/17/2018: Teenage Engineering announced ship dates in ‘mid October’

Update 8/31/2018: There’s a new launch date rumor that there is a party to celebrate the launch of the OP-Z on September 17th, 2018

Update 8/9/2018: Although the OP-Z launch has been delayed, Guitar Center’s website now says the OP-Z will be available 9/8/2018. This has not been confirmed by Teenage Engineering.

The Teenage Engineering OP-Z has the closest thing to a real launch date after an interview at SuperBooth with Tobias, founder of Teenage Engineering. The OP-Z launch date will be July 31st, 2018 in the US for $599 and rumors place an EU launch later in October 2018. DAW-less jammers rejoice!

Pre-orders are availble through Sweetwater.

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