OP-Z iOS App Released

October 17, 2018

Earlier today, the companion OP-Z app for iOS was relesaed and is available in the app store. We’ve since downloaded it to take a look and see if there is any other information we could squeeze out of it.

Quick impressions:

  • Slick UI and animations
  • You need a unit to do… just about anything
  • Photomatic can quickly import photos directly from your camera roll
  • In the motion sub-app, you can see the scenes that were shown off in other previews, it looks crisp and fluid
  • The link to the guide just opens a web view of the quickstart guide on Teenage Engineering’s website

So pretty

OP-Z iOS screenshot 1

Yes, please take my money

OP-Z iOS screenshot 2

Mini apps

OP-Z iOS screenshot 3


OP-Z iOS screenshot 4

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