OP-Z Quickstart Guide, More Presale Details

September 20, 2018

There’s an early OP-Z guide that’s currently on Teenage Engineering’s website (although appears to be unlinked). The v1.0 guide outlines a functionality of the OP-Z that has been covered before, but confirms details of projects/patterns and performance mode. One piece of information we haven’t seen before is ‘glide’ mode so it appears that the OP-Z will similar settings to what the OP-1 has had i.e portamento, glide.

We’ve also seen a clever overlay system that is meant to be layed on top of the OP-Z to help guide the user through the different functions and modes of the OP-Z.

From @nnbveh on Instagram:


The OP-Z pre-sale quickly sold out in around 2 hours, but there will be another batch happening at some point. The pre-sale ‘bundle’ included the option to buy a $16 rollup case (the yellow one you seee in the photo below), but the website was pretty clear it will not include cables or knobs as part of the bundle. So not much of a bundle…

We’ve ordered one and will be waiting like everyone else until mid-October when the OP-Z finally ships to non-beta testers.

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