OP-Z and Unity - What We Know So Far

October 15, 2018

We are fast approaching OP-Z launch time and still without any details about the Unity3D integration. Despite the brief showing off of the iOS app in Cuckoo’s latest mega tutorial, we still don’t know how one would create their own or all the ways to sequence unity visualizations.

For visualization creators there is a library for exporting unity programs for the OP-Z called (videolab)[https://github.com/kenji/videolab]. There’s some sparse documentation and after a quick perusal through the code this looks like pretty standard unity3D componentry. Out of the box there looks like there is support for different kinds of animation and handling of the OP-Z inputs into the program. It’s unclear what the step is to get it onto the iOS device, but I’m sure info will emerge soon and we’re looking forward to giving it a shot.

Additionally, we found out Eran Hilleli is working/collaborating on some OP-Z visualizations. If you don’t know, they are the creator of some our favorite interactive animations visualizations and having their attention on the OP-Z is a match made in heaven.

Eran, if you see this, can we please bring this one to the OP-Z? Please and thank you.


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