New OP-Z Tutorial From Cuckoo

October 3, 2018

Cuckoo (@cuckoomusic) surprised us early this morning with a new OP-Z mega tutorial! It’s about an hour and a half long which covers everything you’ll need to get started making mucic on the Teenage Engineering OP-Z. Looks like there will be a follow up to this one too. Check it out!

Listening notes:

  • Chain patterns together on-the-fly similar to Elektron’s ‘song mode’ (lot’s of flexibility here that promotes live jamming)
  • OP-Z saves as you go, but you can take a snapshot of a project and revert (great for experimentation!)
  • Plugs can be downloaded and sync’d with the OP-Z for example different percussion track plugs (there’s a cuckoo plug!)
  • Towards the end of the video we get a first glimpse at the iOS app
  • Transposition can be done on the Master track, by default only the synth tracks transpose, but can be configured
  • [confirmed] Stereo panning LFO
  • [confirmed] 3 note polyphony on synth tracks

Level 1:

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