More OP-Z Videos From Synthposium

September 14, 2018

This video from YouTuber @samplikprost gets us a closer look at the iOS app as he jams on the OP-Z and accompanying iPad. You can also hear him cycling through the different engines and samples that are included.

Most compelling of all is this “performance” mode which seems to be about modding an existing loop using fx or maybe step components on slices of the pattern. We can hear different kinds of muting, stutters, and other variations that can be applied over a pattern to make it more sonically interesting.

Check out minute 1:55 for the playthrough.

And here we have the performance posted from Cuckoo, some of the songs sound familiar from his other performance videos with the OP-Z, but a good reminder of what full songs and compositions can be like.

Check out minute 23:17 for the OP-Z part

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