First OP-Z Songs and an EP

September 23, 2018

SammyJams aka Hot Science has put together the first full length songs and an EP using only the OP-Z live recorded into Abelton. You can have a listen to the album ‘Mini Moves Deluxe’ on the Hot Science Bandcamp site.

Discerning listerers will be able to hear almost all of the features we’ve heard about so far from step components, tape track, punch in effects, plocks, and LFOs. For example, in the track ‘So Far Gone’ we can hear parameter locking on the bass (which sounds pretty amazing!) that makes all the variations of the patterns sonically interesting. You can also hear synths panning around and opening widening the listening field. This is a welcome change from the OP-1 with fixed panning per track.

Release thread on operator1 forums

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