Cuckoo Explores OP-Z Midi

December 18, 2018

Cuckoo is back with a new OP-Z video exploring the current midi capabilities of firmware 1.1.7. Over the course of 45 minutes he goes over what’s worked in hooking up a midi keyboard and the different ways you can use it to program notes into the OP-Z. One fun fact, the currently selected OP-Z track doesn’t need to be the track played by the external keyboard i.e you can set the midi keyboard channel to play the bass track as you go and edit other tracks on the OP-Z itself.

By the end of the video, Cuckoo has quite the sprawling setup which includes a Novation mixer controller with knobs hooked up to the tape track (for always available tape tricks) a sync’d pocket operator, an external mini synthesizer sequenced by the OP-Z, and a keyboard (which supports velocity sensitivity!).

Check it out here:

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